Saturday, January 21, 2012

Follow me on Twitter & Facebook - London Marathon is Stacked!

Check out the God-amazing list below - only Mosop and GMutai are missing: WTF?!!!! And its 16 weeks to the London Olympics.

Elite MenPersonal Best
Emmanuel Mutai (Kenya)2:04:40
Patrick Makau (Kenya)2:03:38
Wilson Kipsang (Kenya)2:03:42
Abel Kirui (Kenya)2:05:04
Vincent Kipruto (Kenya)2:05:13
Martin Lel (Kenya)2:05:15
Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia)2:05:18
Feyisa Lilesa (Ethiopia)2:05:23
Bazu Worku (Ethiopia)2:05:25
Jaouad Gharib (Morocco)2:05:27
Marilson Gomes dos Santos (Brazil)2:06:34
Markos Geneti (Ethiopia)2:06:35
Yared Asmeron (Eritrea)2:07:27
Samuel Tsegay (Eritrea)2:07:28
Abreham Cherkos (Ethiopia)2:07:29
Abderrahim Bouramdane (Morocco)2:07:33
Adil Annani (Morocco)2:10:15
Scott Westcott (Australia)2:11:36
Zersenay Tadese (Eritrea)2:12:03
Martin Dent (Australia)2:12:23

E.Mutai, the defending champion, has his work cut out for him. So bad, so bad I cant begin to tell you just how bad. This will be dizzyingly fast!
Note that, even Makau has so much at stake in this race, he has to prove he is the best! Abel Kirui also has to prove he is the world champ and can run fast with the sub 2:04ers. Tadese has to get it right this time! Kebede has to show these guys Ethiopia is still in contention! Kipsang has to prove that the 2:03 in Frankfurt was not a fluke! and he has to accomplish what he set out to do then and succeed this time!

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