Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Training day 40: 11K easy

I was up early on Sunday because I had a trip to make to Narok. Because it was the first time I was doing a Sat/Sun run, I decided on two things, (1) make it short (2) make it odd to make the total with 21K even.
And so I did 11K recovery run. It took all my discipline and mental toughness to avoid converting it to a fartlek or a tempo run of sorts.
My shin splints dont hurt as much as they did last week so I feel good about things. My weight is dropping well and I hope to drop it further this week.
I am glad I did the weekend Sat/Sun run. Next Sunday, I want to make it 15K and then 17K, 19K and then 21K.
Then I want to introduce run/walk-home Wednesdays probably this week. Over time, I want to use Wednesday as the other run-home day so that I have 5 days of running without interfering with my other priorities.
S21K(time trial) S21K M Rest T 10K(time trial) W 10K Easy T Speed Runs - 10K F Rest That will be 72K. Then when I am fitter, I increase the 10Ks to 12Ks or 15Ks. Then When I have organized myself well, alter the Wednesday to a double. Perhaps the Thursday too.
Its all about being creative, adaptive and flexible. I am definitely going to find a way around my schedules this year to make 120K weeks.
Meanwhile, Mo Farah will definitely be kicking some Kenyan black behinds this year. If he is a 5K and 10K champ yet he beats a 1500m Specialist, we are in trouble. Big freaking trouble.
On Sato in Glascow, Farah beat Augustine Choge in 1500m. Choge led through 800m but Farah hit the front with 600 to go. The Kenyan fought back to gain the lead again with two laps to go before the Briton struck for home at the bell and hung on to win by just 0.11s.

“It was a good test; it was a good battle. I didn’t want to give up the inside lane so a couple of times I had to dig in,” said Farah. “The main thing is, it’s a win to start 2012 and that’s good.
Hot damn!

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