Monday, January 30, 2012

I have been Doing My speedworks the wrong way!

Man, learning never stops. I Used the MacMillan Calculator last year, but I used it the wrong fucking way! Fuck, fuck, fuck! And as a result? Injuries! Fucking tons of injuries! I was running too fast in training! God damn.
Now excuse me while I kick myself and bang my head on the wall....
Okay, here is the thing, I used my EQUIVALENT PERFORMANCES to set the baselines for myself. I was killing myself in the workouts for 100m, 200m and 400m!
Let me collect myself...
My new OPTIMAL TRAINING PACES for 1:28 Half - which is what I am targeting this year, are:
Endurance Workouts____Pace/Km
Recovery Jogs__________5:20 to 5:39
Long Runs_____________4:43 to 5:20
Easy Runs_____________4:43 to 5:02

Stamina Workouts______Pace/Km
Steady-State Runs_______4:11 to 4:18
Tempo Runs____________4:01 to 4:11
Tempo Intervals_________3:57 to 4:06

Speed Workouts - Long Distance Runners

400m__________________1:23.6 to 1:28.4
800m__________________2:54.7 to 3:02.8
1000m_________________3:43.7 to 3:52.3
1200m_________________4:28.5 to 4:42.1
1600m_________________6:05.6 to 6:19.0
2000m_________________7:44.6 to 7:53.8

The Good news is that my speed workouts for 400m are bang on target - no need to strain too hard.
What I need to do now is structure my tempo runs and navigate the speeds to 1000m runs. Can I do 3:45? Gosh! And those long runs look fast to me. Damn!
At any rate, I understand now that I need to focus more on LT runs and building my aerobic capacity.

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Carolyne Gathuru said...

Hey! Thanks for the heads up on stuff. Currently doing Upper Hill - Uhuru Highway - State Hse and sometimes Upper Hill - Mbagathi - Msa road. Albeit not in any structured, times or organised manner. Although I suppose( as gleaned from your posts) that if one cannot quite measure it then one cannot assess performance against target and what works or otherwise. Your current post on speedworks - not sure I get that. Will re-read. Agreed on it being quite a toughie, physically, mentally and the works and like you so aptly put it, calls for dedication, sacrifice and etc. All the best and keep going and keep us updated on your activities. I am inspired. Carolyne