Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Training day 41: 10K in 47:56:52 4.47 /Km Pace 5K in 23:23

Total time: 47:56:52 4.47 /Km Pace 5K in 23:23
I was focused on setting a time that I can chase over Feb so speed was on my mind. My shins were not paining and I felt great because I took it as an indication that there was something I was doing right.
I made a mental note: "warming up first is more important than stretching first" and "rest aint enough for an injury: you gotta address the cause of the injury"
So I warmed up for two laps and stretched. Put on cap and sunglasses (the sun was still so high!)
And off I went!
KM 1 : 4:21
Dude! Too fast!
But I don't care - what do I run 20K runs for? If I am still aerobically underdeveloped, may I be exposed!
KM 2 : 4:38
Okay, that's better. Can we maintain it? Its still too fast, need to slow down to 1:40 something...
KM 3 : 4:42
This is good. Lets keep it there.
KM 4 : 4:56
Too slow! Gotta lower it a little!
KM 5 : 4:45
Good. Lets stay there now.
KM 6 : 4:42
KM 7 : 4:54
Gosh, I guess I have been exposed huh?
KM 8 : 5:04
See? Ah toleya!
KM 9 : 4:57
We knew it. Didn't we? Its never a good idea to start too fast. WTF? Is that a stitch?
KM 10 : 4:53
Not bad. Not bad at all.

So today, I will walk/jog back home as I test the route and the experience of running/walking home - logistics, comfort level, traffic, dust level, and backpack feel.
My weight is dropping! Beautiful shit.
And I have started writing my book! I am gerring it! This is the year of doing epic shit ah tell ya!
Stay active guys!

Monday, January 30, 2012

I have been Doing My speedworks the wrong way!

Man, learning never stops. I Used the MacMillan Calculator last year, but I used it the wrong fucking way! Fuck, fuck, fuck! And as a result? Injuries! Fucking tons of injuries! I was running too fast in training! God damn.
Now excuse me while I kick myself and bang my head on the wall....
Okay, here is the thing, I used my EQUIVALENT PERFORMANCES to set the baselines for myself. I was killing myself in the workouts for 100m, 200m and 400m!
Let me collect myself...
My new OPTIMAL TRAINING PACES for 1:28 Half - which is what I am targeting this year, are:
Endurance Workouts____Pace/Km
Recovery Jogs__________5:20 to 5:39
Long Runs_____________4:43 to 5:20
Easy Runs_____________4:43 to 5:02

Stamina Workouts______Pace/Km
Steady-State Runs_______4:11 to 4:18
Tempo Runs____________4:01 to 4:11
Tempo Intervals_________3:57 to 4:06

Speed Workouts - Long Distance Runners

400m__________________1:23.6 to 1:28.4
800m__________________2:54.7 to 3:02.8
1000m_________________3:43.7 to 3:52.3
1200m_________________4:28.5 to 4:42.1
1600m_________________6:05.6 to 6:19.0
2000m_________________7:44.6 to 7:53.8

The Good news is that my speed workouts for 400m are bang on target - no need to strain too hard.
What I need to do now is structure my tempo runs and navigate the speeds to 1000m runs. Can I do 3:45? Gosh! And those long runs look fast to me. Damn!
At any rate, I understand now that I need to focus more on LT runs and building my aerobic capacity.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Training day 40: 11K easy

I was up early on Sunday because I had a trip to make to Narok. Because it was the first time I was doing a Sat/Sun run, I decided on two things, (1) make it short (2) make it odd to make the total with 21K even.
And so I did 11K recovery run. It took all my discipline and mental toughness to avoid converting it to a fartlek or a tempo run of sorts.
My shin splints dont hurt as much as they did last week so I feel good about things. My weight is dropping well and I hope to drop it further this week.
I am glad I did the weekend Sat/Sun run. Next Sunday, I want to make it 15K and then 17K, 19K and then 21K.
Then I want to introduce run/walk-home Wednesdays probably this week. Over time, I want to use Wednesday as the other run-home day so that I have 5 days of running without interfering with my other priorities.
S21K(time trial) S21K M Rest T 10K(time trial) W 10K Easy T Speed Runs - 10K F Rest That will be 72K. Then when I am fitter, I increase the 10Ks to 12Ks or 15Ks. Then When I have organized myself well, alter the Wednesday to a double. Perhaps the Thursday too.
Its all about being creative, adaptive and flexible. I am definitely going to find a way around my schedules this year to make 120K weeks.
Meanwhile, Mo Farah will definitely be kicking some Kenyan black behinds this year. If he is a 5K and 10K champ yet he beats a 1500m Specialist, we are in trouble. Big freaking trouble.
On Sato in Glascow, Farah beat Augustine Choge in 1500m. Choge led through 800m but Farah hit the front with 600 to go. The Kenyan fought back to gain the lead again with two laps to go before the Briton struck for home at the bell and hung on to win by just 0.11s.

“It was a good test; it was a good battle. I didn’t want to give up the inside lane so a couple of times I had to dig in,” said Farah. “The main thing is, it’s a win to start 2012 and that’s good.
Hot damn!

Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Training Day 39: 21K in 2:05

Was up kinda early for a Sato: 5:30. Daylight was slowly stabbing the dark and the dark kept creeping away from the approaching daylight. I wasnt so strong so I just took it easy and decided to think of this as my baseline 21K for 2012. I concentrated on maintaining good form and raising my knees up. The turning point (10.5Kms) is Karen Professional centre, some 10m past Spoilers Lounge. At the 18th K, I saw Langat and made a little snack out of his struggling form. But I got pretty whacked generally (when will this ever end?) and ended up finishing in 2:05.
This is what Tim Noakes would call jogging.
Yesterday, Ethiopians kicked our Kenyan asses at the Dubai Standard & Chartered Marathon. Amazing shit happened.
Ayele Abshero of Ethiopia turned the Marathon tide substantially on Friday when he ran the fastest winning debut in history, taking the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon title in an event record time of 2:04:23, which also makes him the fourth fastest man ever.

Abshero is only headed historically by the Kenyans Patrick Makau with his world record 2:03:38 and Wilson Kipsang (2:03:42), and his illustrious colleague Haile Gebrselassie (2:03:59). But breaking Gebrselassie’s Dubai course record by 30 seconds ensured further cachet for the youngster.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Training day 38: 10K easy

My weight seems fine but it can be better. I did an easy 10K making the last K the fastest. I think that is what I will be doing from this week onwards: start easy and make the last miles fast. Next week, I will make the last 2K fastest. Then Thursday, the last 3K and so on and so forth.
The 2012 Standard and Chartered Dubai  is on! I predict Merga will win followed by Lel.
It now seems pretty certain that I will start running from work to home latest in February. I have worked out the logistics. I need to get a proper bag and then I can start.
As for running to work, I still havent found somewhere to warm down, stretch and shower. That I can do later.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Training Day 37: 10K Easy

Back to the field. I need mileage.
And to lose pounds. So far so good.

The one thing I will do for myself this year: Lose weight

My wife hates it but it has to be done. For me. If I will do a 1:30, I must be no more than 76Kgs.
I have decided.
I am back to work. I ran (20K) on Sunday (met GK), XTd on Monday and rested yeaterday and made a race schedule which I shared with my running mates. In brief, this is what we aim to achieve in 2012:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Training Day 35: 20K Easy

Took it easy. Partly because my garmin was flat. My legs needed a break. It was great meeting GK on the road. Uncertain week ahead. Here is GBK's Scott Overall

Inspirational Mo Farah Video



Follow me on Twitter & Facebook - London Marathon is Stacked!

Check out the God-amazing list below - only Mosop and GMutai are missing: WTF?!!!! And its 16 weeks to the London Olympics.

Elite MenPersonal Best
Emmanuel Mutai (Kenya)2:04:40
Patrick Makau (Kenya)2:03:38
Wilson Kipsang (Kenya)2:03:42
Abel Kirui (Kenya)2:05:04
Vincent Kipruto (Kenya)2:05:13
Martin Lel (Kenya)2:05:15
Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia)2:05:18
Feyisa Lilesa (Ethiopia)2:05:23
Bazu Worku (Ethiopia)2:05:25
Jaouad Gharib (Morocco)2:05:27
Marilson Gomes dos Santos (Brazil)2:06:34
Markos Geneti (Ethiopia)2:06:35
Yared Asmeron (Eritrea)2:07:27
Samuel Tsegay (Eritrea)2:07:28
Abreham Cherkos (Ethiopia)2:07:29
Abderrahim Bouramdane (Morocco)2:07:33
Adil Annani (Morocco)2:10:15
Scott Westcott (Australia)2:11:36
Zersenay Tadese (Eritrea)2:12:03
Martin Dent (Australia)2:12:23

E.Mutai, the defending champion, has his work cut out for him. So bad, so bad I cant begin to tell you just how bad. This will be dizzyingly fast!
Note that, even Makau has so much at stake in this race, he has to prove he is the best! Abel Kirui also has to prove he is the world champ and can run fast with the sub 2:04ers. Tadese has to get it right this time! Kebede has to show these guys Ethiopia is still in contention! Kipsang has to prove that the 2:03 in Frankfurt was not a fluke! and he has to accomplish what he set out to do then and succeed this time!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Training Day 34: 20K in 1:53

I tanked after 17K but it went well. I want to sorta lay off the hard efforts and see if I can start getting a means of running to and from work.
I sometimes meet Kale runners coming from their runs at the bypass. They are caked with dust (the reason I avoid the bypass) and one can see that they are running on empty tanks because they have a poor form, they are heaving with exhaustion, the look in their eyes is not of stubbornness but of resignation that the work has to be done and completed. And you can see that every step takes effort. But they have given themselves to do that labor of love. No question, no quitting, no shortcuts, no breaks. The run must be completed. That is how they become winners: they give everything they have.
 Here is Kara at work.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Training Day 33: 20K in 1:50

Today I did another 20K. I put up a fight and slashed 3mins off my last 20K. I biked for 65K and the Stat. ike showed I had burnt 1000 calories. I am not satisfied with my weight at all though.
Tomorrow I rest then attack again on Friday.
As my leave comes to an end, I have read Tim Noakes book and evaluated my last (Nov-Dec) training plan which was an epic fail and I am thinking of trying something else:

I will try the following training programme:
M - Off or XT
T - 10-15K - hard/tempo
W - Off or XT
T - 10-15K - Easy or speedwork
W - Off or XT
S - 20K Hard
S - 20-22K Easy
On a good week, this should yield about 80K per week.
I need luck coz balancing work, family and running aint easy at all.

So wish me...


Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Training Day 31 & 32: 20K x 2 - 1:53

I did a 20K on Sato. I put up a fight but still ended with a 6min/Km. But just one. I did a negative split.

I had no legs then because I did a 55K on the bike the previous day.

Today, I did another 20K. Again, putting up a fight. No legs because I did a 52K on the bike last night. I did poorly in the first 10K, better in the second frame.

The pain on my lower back is gone. Shin splint is back, but gentle. Shin support helping. I was glad to see the back strain has migrated to my upper back. Timings were 1:53 on Sato and 1:54 today. I am not too worried because I ran them without legs. If I have fresh legs, I can demolish the damn thing but no worries. I need to keep my weight in check.

My weight is not good but my fitness is good. I am carrying 30Kgs around excess of Wanjiru and Makau's weights. Amazing shit huh?

Tomorrow, bike then try another 20K on Wednesday.



Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Training Day 30: 18K

Today I did 18K. Calf pain has reduced. But its still lingeting there like some old chap who has refused to die. I shoved mileage aside for now until the injury is gone.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Training Day 28: 16K then Bike

Went for 16K On Monday. Calf ached so I have been hitting the bike regularly for the last two days. I am getting better at the roller.


Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Training day 26,27 - 20K, 16K

16K today. Above ankle pain. Damn. Gotta lay off running and stick to biking for sometime.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Training Day 25, 26

20K and 18K. Had some pain below my right calf but okay. Now Reading Tim Noakes Lore of Running and Trevanian's Shibumi.
Just cleared Purple Hibiscus.
Purple Hibiscus is a story by the award-winning Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that centers around the life of a sixteen year old girl, Kambili, with a devout but abusive father and how the controlled, fearful and restrictive life she lived under her father smothered her growth and personality and how she finally broke free and found herself.
The book starts with Kambili's older brother, Jaja refusing to go for communion and in a fit of anger, her father breaks the religious figurines in their house. Jaja's rebellion actually marks the beginning of breaking of the "Gods." The "gods" are inflexible beliefs that were fostered upon Kambili's family, mostly religious, by her father and they were treated as more important than the family members themselves. The father enforced these ruled with violence that included scalding with hot water, crushing of fingers, slaps, blows and physical assault with objects.
Her mum became passively and unquestionably obedient to her father. Her brother was quietly challenging and matured into open rebellion when he approached the end of his teens. Kambili, the central character, totally got her ego knocked out and assumed her fathers perspective and lost her own. This story is about the slow and painstaking emergence of Kambili as a person, from behind the walls her father had brought her up behind.
The story is told is a progression from a restricted, fearful, muted life to a life of freedom, expression, laughter and colour which Kambili and her brother experience when they visit their Aunt Ifeoma. The purple hibiscus represents this colourful, free and different life that Kambili and her brother were denied by their father.The story ends tragically when their father, who is a famous, wealthy and respected publisher, dies after getting poisoned and the surprise is tucked at the end when Chimamamnda reveals who poisoned Kambili's father and how the family deals with the aftermath of his death.
This book is impressive in the simple manner in which it is told and how far-reaching the effects of the conflicts at play are and how powerful the characters experiences are portrayed. It is told in simple English, no rich metaphors or aphorisms. No poetry or artistic expressions. But beneath this simple presentation emerges a masterful storyteller who slowly and patiently crafts her work and confidently tightens the tension around the characters, deliberately building the conflict and not rushing to the end. And when the end comes, one is stirred by how powerful the story is, how it achieves such a deep level of introspection without being sophisticated and the tragedy of Kambili’s family and their freedom, however delayed and costly, is triumphant.