Thursday, July 2, 2009

Training Day 26: 12K - Did it

I was up at 4:30 and out by 4:45am. From previous lessons, I made sure to securely tie the place above my knee. And my left shins. And I Stretched a little and swung this way and that way and rolled my ankles - because I do step on stones and in unseen holes. And I was off. I saw the watchman stir out of his sleep when I unlatched the gate and I waved his sleepy self some good morning.
I started fastish (as opposed to fast) and cleared the first K in about 4:48. It was cold and I let my nose flow freely as the cold air condensed in my nostrils. I knew I was in good time when I cleared the first 2K in 9 mins. I met two runners as I ran through the first loop. Both are better runners than myself. I can tell from their body size, gait, running form and speed. One is much faster, he always runs with his left hand suspended in front of his chest and throughout his running, an onlooker will see him as one struggling to plant his feet on the ground because he is always airbone and running to him is just the process of stretching his legs so that they make contact with the ground as his body flies forward. He moves as fast as hell.
At any rate, I passed my colleague, Kamau, who is determined to do a sub 2 hours half this year. He was exited upon seeing me and tried to run with me but I warned him not to risk burning himself out and he fell back. I met him again after I had looped back - at about the 7th Km. I crossed 6Km in 29:09 and ran back. I met about seven runners today - Nairobi is waking up to running.
I was satisfied when I stopped the watch at 58:37 at my gate. What is for sure is that I can still cut about three minutes from that next week.
My target is to lower my 12K time to about 48minutes because I need to be able to do 15K in 1hour flat. And I think I can since I am still doing low mileages and haven't even started speedwork.
I should be doing some 16K on Saturday or Sunday. We will see. Next week I should do 52 or 54 Kms. For now I am feeling great. I will start shedding some weight next week.


Anonymous said...

Now you are talking. That's great. I also know that you will manage 15k in 1hr. I seem to have hauled Kamau off hos warm bed and into the cold morning. That is superb - makes two of us trying to do a sub 2hr - which I'm going to do so comfortably.
Cheers man - all the best

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks man. I know it will take hard work. But hard work is my middle name so lets do it.
Whats happening? You have extended the seven days break? Kamau is totally drained today. He is struggling to pay attention in class. Cant even hold his head up.

Anonymous said...

No, I haven't extended it at all. You notice I don't run on Friday. Ideally, I do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Kesho am on. If I get home late, I will just do a 12-14km run in the morn then sunday afte I do 21km - this time, man, this time ... let's just say it won't be 2hr 9min...
tell Kamau to keep it up.
Cheers. Keep up the good work.