Saturday, July 4, 2009

Training day 27: 18Kms

I was up at 4.45am. And was out by 5am. I was to go with a colleague, Kamau, who I couldn't get on his phone so I went alone. I decided to make it a LSR (Long Slow Run) and I slowed down my speed, clearing 6K in about 37 minutes. I decided to do 9k before turning back. So in total I did 18K in nearly two hours. I feel great. That makes this week's mileage 54 Kms (12+12+12+18). Yet this week was supposed to be a low week of 18Kms!
What this means is that I have to find a way of doing 56Kms next week. I will rest tomorrow and probably Monday too.


Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Great job on your run!


Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Amy. Very nice of you to drop by. Will check out your blog. Cheers