Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Training day 36: 12K

I went in bed with the idea of breaking the 57min barrier today. But when I woke up, I didn't feel particularly up to it. Energy issues. But I figured that since I had rested for three days and had fresh legs, I should be able to attack that time. So out I went. For the first 5Kays I was fine then I struggled through the 6th K.
When I saw that I was crossing 6K in 28:20, I decided not to give up but instead try a negative split. I concentrated in my next 6K and yielded 57:11. This is 3 seconds slower than my time last week but had a better second half than last week's.
I realized that concentrating on maintaining a sustained and consistent speed is very important because there is the temptation to go into autopilot, which slows down a runner.
Anyways, tomorrow I will give it another attempt. Hope we wont have energy issues.

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