Thursday, July 16, 2009

Training Day 34: 12K - Improvemento!

I have a 23K group run scheduled tomorrow so yesterday I was debating with myself whether to rest today and not risk pounding myself out of energy and emptying my tank. But I decided what the hell. The pain that was at the back of my left leg is gone plus I rested yesterday. Plus, last week I did a 12K on Friday and a 20K on Sato. How bad can it be? So I set the alarm.
I slept early and for the first time this year, I woke up before the alarm - one minute before the set time. I felt I had had enough sleep. My clothes and socks were all clean. I felt strong. In fact, I reckoned today I felt better than I have felt in the last three weeks. Why not attack the 57mins barrier? I debated within myself?
Lets do it. I told myself as I drank some water. My weight is still constant at 80Kgs. Am I bulking or what? All this running and no weight loss?
Anyways, I secured my knees with bandages, stretched, twisted this way and that, plantar flexed and dorsi flexed, rotated my ankles and stretched my hamstrings.
I stepped out at about 4:40am. The watchman seemed to have been expecting me as he rose to come and close the gate behind me.
I started my timer and started fast, sort of. The first 2Kms were in darkness but I could see I did it in under 9mins then the third in 14mins and I knew I would improve on my time. Again, I met very few runners, about four. I pushed.
I turned at the 6K point in 28:08. This was encouraging. I pushed in the second turn and managed to clear the distance in 57:08. One minute slower. I hope I can start negative-splitting soon. That was close but I am very happy nonetheless since I have bettered my time. Competing against oneself can be very motivating especially when you can beat your former self. Its a very interesting way of measuring progress.
I was still strong so after stretching did some 34 pushups and 30 crunches.
Tomorrow we go for 23K.

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