Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Training day 29: 12K

Today I wasn't as strong. But I had a lot of heart. I had enough sleep and decided to see what my heart can do. I met only three runners and managed to clear the first 6K in 29:18. I knew then that I wasn't gonna improve on yesterday's time. So I decided to take it easy in the second half.
Plus now I have bandaged both knees to give them knee support. My left knee was saying some unintelligible words so I decided to leave the calm shins and instead give them support. I cleared the 12K in 1:00:24. Not bad. Aches here and there but nothing serious, just the painful process of cerelac legs becoming legs that can chew sugarcane. Like they say, pain is weakness leaving the body. And the weak muscles must die so that strong muscles can take their place. And they don't die without incident.
I will rest tomorrow and hit another 12K on Friday.

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