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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Training Day 35: 23K

We went for a 23K group run today. Started slowly because the pace-setter was having breathing problems. It was pretty good. We had a challenging hill and a good distance to cover. I was pushed by Sikuku in the first 12Kms before Bonnie joined us, then we pushed each other for the next 8Kms before Sikuku succumbed to something akin to an Achilles heel injury at the 20K mark. He had to limp the rest of the distance as me and Bonnie drifted away.
Bonnie pushed me for the last 4Kays and we turned up a 2:12 thereabout. Sikuku arrived some 30mins later and Kamau some 45mins later. Kariuki turned up well after 3hours. We had a hearty lunch and reviewed some of UFC 100. The review revealed to me why Yoshihiro Akiyama beat Alan Belcher.

It was a great run especially because we pushed each other. My knees fared well. Better than I expected even though my knee support fell off at the 13th K.
This means that I have yielded 59K this week. I cant possibly go beyond 60K without going back to the track because going more than 12K in the morning will mean I will be late for work. I will work out something. Meanwhile, now that I have introduced my body to 23K, 23K will be my long run distance. Cheers
Below is my weekly mileage progress as at week 9.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome man. Keep it up - I hope to join you guys next time. Poor Kariuki - I reckon he hadn't practised enough. Pass my regards to Kamau. Cheers

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks. It would be great to have you join us next time. Perhaps on Thika road next month. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you who ran! Hope to join you on the next one. Regards

Jacob Aliet said...

The two Georges,
Thanks for the encouraging words. Please see my latest post for the 27.2K road run of August 22nd. See link below.
Practice fellas