Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Training day 37: 12K

I was up early. From the feel of my body, I could tell that this was not a day for setting a PR. But I decided to run using my heart and mind. The first 3Ks were fine. When I reached 4K I glanced my watch and realized it was nearly 20 mins. My PR hopes were dashed and I lost the drive.
So I ran the next 8K easily, clearing 12K in 1:03:04. I am fine. Will probably do another 12K tomorrow since my Saturday, Sunday and Monday are taken and I will be traveling. Plus, I need a better recovery for my knees since I want to shake things up in the next phase of training.
If I run tomorrow, it will be the first time I run three days consecutively.
I have a feeling my slow twitch muscles have reached their apogee and its time to wake up my fast twitch muscles and shake things up. This means fartleks, tempo runs, LSR and recovery runs will become my staple diet. And from today, I will be including some eye candy in my blog. Here is the first.
Its a photo of a road poet holding up a banner for marathon runners in the Boston Marathon. Heed his words my friends. It is your only option, clearly stated.

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