Sunday, September 26, 2010

2:20 LSR

I went for a LSR yesterday with a rookie (Kirer). It was my first normal LR since mid July, during which time I have been battling with some malady of sorts.
It went well. I was strong and relaxed and my main aim was to do 2:20. I babysat my rookie running-mate for a huge chunk of the race but I didn't mind because I wanted to take it easy since I am making a comeback. He on the other hand, experienced pain and suffering but he was a tough guy and was quite impressive for a beginner.
Next week I will go for the same but harder and faster.
I took a break today because I have huge plans for the week especially when it comes to speedwork and tempo runs.
Meanwhile Frank Mir kneed Cro Cop in their third round in UFC 119. And Patrick Makau won the Berlin Marathon in 2:05:08 - far from the WR.

Makau finished more than a minute outside the record in a time of two hours, five minutes and eight seconds.

Runners fill the street with the Brandenburg Gate in the foggy background
Compatriot Geoffrey Mutai tucked in behind him, crossing the line just two seconds later. Third place went to Bazu Worku of Ethiopia with a time of 2:05:25.

Makau and Mutai had set their sights on Gebrselassie's world record of 2:03:59 set on the same course in Berlin in 2008. But bad weather took its toll and both men were more than 30 seconds off the pace at the halfway mark.

Gebrselassie was absent from this year's marathon, planning instead to run the New York City Marathon in November.

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