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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Now this is Running!

I was up at 5.45 and did some stretching. Tights on, truck on, sweatshirt on, gloves on. When I stepped on the parking area and took the first few steps after starting my stopwatch, I decided to attack the distance. After 100m, I felt I needed more air and shifted from normal breathing to loud hissing (turbo breathing), I opened up my lungs and attacked. I was at the gate in 2 minutes and cleared the first 1.5Kms in about 7mins. Daylight was streaming in and my vision was fairly good. No dust, no huge crowds, no vehicle fumes. Just me and the road.
I attacked the hill at 1.7Kms with gusto and I passed some runners. I really wished there was someone to challenge me and push me but I had decided to push hard and that's exactly what I did. I pushed and it was fun feeling my legs strong, my core strong and my breathing very okay. I crossed in 17mins a place I used to cross in 20 mins and crossed in 20 mins a place I used to cross in 25mins.
I went further than yesterday within the same time period. Due to my fast take-off, I didn't manage to negative-split but I did some interval runs on my way back. Crossing the road also slowed me down because there was quite some traffic.
I want speed. I am gonna get speed. Gaddemit!
Here is a snap from last weekends Berlin Marathon which was ran under rainy conditions. It made Paul Makau the man to beat because despite the rain, he returned a 2:05. Cheers.

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