Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easy 46 Mins plus plyo

Even though I was feeling explosive and strong, I decided to take it easy today. Easy on the running but up on the plyometric exercises. I did two-legged hops, lunges, lateral runing, pressups, squats, leg extensions and crunches.
My legs feel fine so I am thinking maybe tomorrow I do interval runs. slow 500m fast 1Km, recover 500m, fast 1km etc.I need to be disciplined to avoid injuring myself because I am really psyched up. My friend Ogutu is also back in training after about 2 months. Sikuku is also starting now. Its all systems go.
Here is a photo of Leonard Patric Komon who ran a world record of 26:44 for 10k in Utrecht, Netherlands on Sunday, September 26. This broke the 27:01 run by Micah Kogo, also run in the Netherlands in 2009!

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