Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ana 45 Mins

I went for ana 45 mins run today. I really am feeling better. I am once again back to my former self: I can recover quickly after a burst of speed. I really am excited and I am pretty sure if I am okay for the next five weeks, I can meet my sub 1:30 goal.
I am able to do pushups easier and my crunches are easier. I just need to watch my right knee which feels slightly painful. What I will do is keep working on my quads. Today I did leg extensions. Tomorrow I will do lunges then rest on Saturday to go for a long run on Sunday.
I am really excited about how I feel good. The sky is the limit. I feel like I have been running (wading is more like it) in a swamp for two months and now I am finally on dry ground.
Meanwhile UFC 119 is due this Sunday and features Mir vs CroCop, Bader vs Little Nog and Bisping vs Akiyama. Cant wait.
Today's eye candy is a pic I took in Irene and Victors wedding with my wife and her friend.

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