Thursday, November 10, 2011

2012 Training Day 3: 200m Intervals

Got held up in the office so I arrived at the grounds late.
2Km Warm up
200m in 43s
200m in 41s
200m in 41s
200m in 38s
200m in 43s
1Km warm down, stretched and did some plyometrics.
I am doing speed runs for the first time ever so I want to ease into them. Nothing too crazy or ambitious. From what I experienced yesterday, and given that I did not make my 200m in 32s that I am targeting, I will stick to the 200m repeats for a while before I move up to 300 or 400m.
Total distance for the week 27+10+4=51Kms
Here is Makau en route to breaking the WR with Geb trailing in 2012 Berlin marathon.

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