Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Training Day No. 6 - 10K

I was up at 5:28. I lazied around watching an interview of Mickey Rourke then stepped out. Daylight galore. I was feeling kinda stiff so I had spent some time stretching. I wanted to make it an easy 10K. My garmin totally gave me hell today. I couldnt set it right! And after 5K, it started raining...
I had to take shelter and wait for the rain to abate because I wasnt sure my garmin was waterproof and also didnt want to get my shoes soaked. After it stopped, I went on and finnished the run.
I ended up doing a 10K and stretched, cooled down and showered.
Then I gulped down a litre or so of water. But the real disaster came during breakfast.
I started well with a plate of fruits - mangoes, watermelons, pineapples and pawpaws. I normally take this in quantities intended to make me full so that I limit the amount of carbohydrates I take. Carefully consider the amount of fruits that can make a grown, active man full.
After taking out that plate of fruits, I swung in a bowl of cereals: half a biscuit of weetabix, some cornflakes, cashewnuts, macadamia nuts, raisins and some other nuts whose name I dont recall. I then gently asked for hot milk as I sprinkled sugar over this concotion.
As the milk came, I rose up without knocking anything over and gathered a glass of orange juice and 100ml of strawberry yogurt.
I then settled down at my table and spread the napkin on my lap and made quick work of the cereal and nuts mixture and asked for tea. Mixed tea, I helpfully clarified to the waiter.
They brought a kettle as I went to gather carbs.
I picked a plate and then served about three tablespoonfulls of scrambled eggs, which I nudged aside to allow some bacons to settle in.
I followed this with some fried Indian vegetable cookies, then carefully placed a  fat mahamri next to it. I then selected a juicy croissant and some other cake-like cookie that had some chocolate nestled in its heart. I then deftly cut a slice of sweet bread and arranged it next to that. I then scooped some marmalade and made it land next to the croissant.
I then paused in front of this sea of breads, cakes, cookies and other pastries and quietly surveyed my handiwork and decided it was not bad and walked back to my table.
Then I settled down and demolished all this without asking for any assistance.
And I escorted these with two cups of steaming tea.
Before I belched, I chased this mixture down my system with a cold glass of fresh orange juice and then surveyed the empty plates and cups on my table with some degree of self-sympathy and satisfaction at the same time.
Sympathy that I was actually quite a hog today. And this is dangerous. Even if I ran 10K in the morning and got rained on. Such kind of ruthless gastronomical appetite can make a man obese. Indeed, this is what politicians are made of.

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