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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Training Day 5: 14K

I was up at 5:28. Still got shocked that it was daylight when I stepped out. So I move the clock back again back 5 minutes tonight. Today I was stronger even though I had skipped dinner last night. Too much food here for breakfast and lunch - somewhat, I can't really control myself even though I try and ensure I stuff my face with fruits so that when I am taking high- calorie food like cakes, bread and rice, I am already kinda full.
At any rate, my garmin still took almost ten minutes to locate the satellites, which was kinda frustrating.
It had rained last night so it was kinda muddy but Mombasa doesnt have so much mud and I got places I could plant my foot on without splashing water or landing in sludge.
Like yesterday, by the time I had cleared 14K, I was soaked in sweat. My truck was wet like I had peed or popood on myself and so when I jogged to the gate of the Hotel, the puzzled guard looked at me questioningly. I believe I was quite a sight to behold. The bugger that said champions are made when nobody is watching should have been there to see the guards look at me like something that had dropped from the sky.
He cracked open the gate for me with hesitation, questioning me with his eyes but afraid to ask me who the hell I was because I could be some big shot who can kick his butt.

"Mimi ni guest" I offered helpfully as I waded in.

He took a look at me from head to toe. Clearly, he had never seen a guest like me, or in my condition. I slowed down to show him and his colleague that I wasnt gonna force myself in.

"Wewe ni guest?" He repeated without thinking. Still trying to absorb what his eyes were taking in. His bulging eyes walked all over me. Its like he was trying to decide whether he was seeing urine or sweat.

I jogged off, leaving them to wonder what kinda guest would leave the comfortable rooms and beds of the Hotel, and the beach, and the gymn and spa, and choose to go running on the road, and run so hard and sweat so much they couldn't tell if I had urinated on myself.
I stretched at the beach. Beautiful shit but I had no time to enjoy its expansive beauty.
Here is Geoff Mutai, currently Kenya's best Marathoner, followed by Moses Mosop, then by current World Record Holder, Patrick Makau.

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