Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tired - Bike

My alarm went off at 5:25am but I dragged myself around and my glazed eyes shifted lazily to the TV screen to glumly observe the minister of Lands, James Orengo say all the Syokimau title deeds were fake and the scam was conducted outside the ambit of the Lands office.
Amazing shit.
How come the fleeced buggers haven't rushed to burn down the offices of the directors of Mlolongo Brothers et al?
I tried to stretch but I was stiff. I went about it anyway. A piece of wood trying to act like rubber. I finally decided to change and walk to the gymn at about 6:15am. I plodded onto the stationery bike and my legs refused to move. After some 40 minutes of feeling weak, I had burnt a measly 200 calories.
Then I did some crunches and calf raises.
No energy. A good day for a break. So today I rest.

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