Sunday, November 6, 2011

Setting the Baselines for 2012 - 27K

I have decided to continue from where I am and build on my current fitness level instead of taking some long break, hogging my way through Christmas backed by a sedentary lifestyle and starting the New Year overweight and unfit, taking four months to come back to my current fitness level and shed some weight and then repeat this sorry-ass cycle of a story I have repeated before. And then post some mediocre performance at the end of the year.
Not this time. No way in hell. Not with what I am aiming for.
So yesterday I did a 27K in 2:56. I will be doing this every Sunday unless there is some good reason not to. The objective is to make sure I have a glycogen tank that cannot be questioned, and to activate more fibres which will be recruited when the body is stressed to meet the demands of the distance.
I have plans for speed but at this point, I want to set my baseline which I will be reviewing 10 months from now:


Distance_____1 Nov 2011___________Aiming at Sept 2012
5k___________23:36.73/4:43 pace___________19:02

10K__________48:20.74/4:50 pace___________39:33
21K__________01:48/5:05 pace_____________1:28
27K__________02:56.29/6:32 pace___________2:05

So Fuckin Help Me God. As Scott Overall Says Dream Big, Win Big.

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