Thursday, November 17, 2011

Training Day No. 7 - 16K

I was up at 5:20am today. This time, I made a point not to drag myself around too much. And when I stepped out, it actually felt like dawn even though daylight had penetrated every nook and cranny and chased the shadows away. I walked to the gate. Then I started warming up with a jog until my garmin got the satellites.
I started with a 5:45, then a 5:45 and the third K was a 5:10. Followed by a 5:05 then a 5:08 etc etc. At any rate, by 16K, I hadnt gone past 6min/K. I was happy with that.
I took my time to do lunges, crunches, pushups and to stretch.
My knees feel wobbly but I am glad about the progress this week.
I have a busy weekend so I know yesterday and Sunday I wont get any miles in. So it will be a good time to recover. Eye candy today are these marathon gods at work.

Total mileage for week 2: 14+14+10+16=54Kms

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