Sunday, November 27, 2011

2012 Training day no 10: 27K in 2:50

I did a 27k yesterday and completed in 2:50:42 at a pace of 6:19/Km. This is a good improvement compared to the 27K of 6th November which I completed in 2:56:29 at an average pace of 6:32/Km.
Unlike the last 27K, this time, I did not go past 7mins in any Km.
Yesterday, I did a 6:54/Km at the 15th Km (there is a humongous hill there!) but all the rest were sub 6:40/Km times.
So you know what? My next target is to do all the Kms in Sub 6:40 in my next 27K. That should be easy enough - and watch out for the hill at the 15th Km! So my strategy is to start with eliminating the outliers and then start shaving out seconds from my average times as I focus on finishing strong. This will really improve my average pace over time! I have 11 months to get it right!
What made the race all the more interesting is that I decided to learn how to drink water while running (I didn't have a choice anyway - or risk headaches caused by dehydration!). The water made a great difference! The run was so much more fun! And it was easier! I didn't know water could make such a difference! Even the sun which emerged early did not faze me this time! I didn't bother to run in the shade because I felt great and my speed and performance did not deteriorate!


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