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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Now What? 2012 Plans

After my poor performance on Sunday, I need to map out strategies for improving my time next year. And I want to seriously target 90 mins for my half marathon in 2012. When I say seriously, I mean seriously. One thing I have realized is that that kind of time requires something more than most hobbyists and amateurs are willing to give.

This year was good for me though I got a hamstring injury two weeks to the race day but I dont think it impacted too much on my performance: that was just my fitness level playing out on race day. I continue believing that there is not much you can change as far as your fitness level three or four weeks to race day. It means between Ndakaini and Stanchart my fitness was about the same. And it showed.

The challenge I have now can be summed up in two words: TIME AND PLACE.
I need to run at least Eight weeks of 100K plus KMS per week around August 2010. Where and how (time) will I build up to that? I would like to keep Saturday my day off and Sunday my LDR day. If I do 30K on Sundays, the challenge is how to get time and place to pack in the remaining 70K between Monday and Friday. If I start from Feb with 50K per week the (injury-free) training plan should roughly go as follows: March 60, April 70, May 80, June 90, July 100, August 100-120, September 120 or >120, October Taper, and Race day sub 90mins Half.
Now how do I make that happen? I have a family and a Job.

I have the following options:
1. Run in the mornings - problem with this is security and my young baby who ensures I dont sleep much. If I do this, it will mean I wake up at 4:30 and be out at 4:50 and run for about an hour. I generally have no problem waking up at 4:30.
The biggest problem with this is that, whereas it worked quite well for me this year, vehicles from Karen and Rongai have discovered the road near my place and traffic jam will guarantee that I am late for work if I leave the house at 7am. This reason alone almost rules out this option. Advantage - I go home early to be with my family.
2. Run to work - this will involve identifying a place near work where I can shower and change to my official clothes. This is not that hard. Then I will need to find a bag for carrying my work-clothes - a backpack. Then I will have to contend with the irritating prospect of having security officers daily peering at my wet workout clothes at the entrance to the office. And I will need to plan for breakfast. Challenge - where to stretch and cool down. Evening travel - matatus? Advantage - I can adjust the distance without much issues. Advantage - I go home early to be with my family.
3. Evening running - public service and other places like UoN. This will require I sneak from work in order to get a decent workout. Main challenge is evening Nairobi Traffic Jam which will be chewing up to an hour of the time I should spend training. Then I arrive home tired. Advantage, I get to keep my car. Disadvantage, arriving home late.
4. Register in a gym near the office - Okay, I dont particularly like Treadmills because I think they differ from real running. This can be considered a last option since I want to avoid spending money on this.
5. Buy a treadmill - I can afford one (okay, I would have to sacrifice a number of things) but there is no space at home. Can I squeeze one in the guests bedroom? Challenge - when I have guests, I wont be using this equipment. Advantages are countless though because of the flexibility. I need to give this more consideration. Can I move away some of the furniture to make room for the TM? How much space do I need?
6. Running home in the evening - main challenge with this is going to work in the morning in a matatu. I need to give this more thought. This can work well though if I have secure parking so that I drive to work on day A and run home in the evening and run to work on day 2 and drive back home in the evening. challenge is, I dont have secure parking yet.
7. A mixture of the above. I need to give this more thought.

Any ideas? Suggestions are welcome.
Hmmmmmm.......the thinking continues...


GK said...

Put out a competition with a handsome reward and let participants give you suggestions over a given timeframe via your webmail. You will be amazed at peoples creativity.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks GK. Let me try.