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Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy weekend - missed 27K now have to make up

I had a busey weekend. Had to quickly travel to my grandma-in-law's funeral. And travel back and go to Mombasa.
I am reading Haruki Murakami's book, What I talk About When I talk About Running. Its a small, well-written book. Simple, plain and expresses a deep enthusiasm and psychological benefits of running by this Japanese. I share so much with the author and he says what I would like to say about running. But his ignorance about running is apalling. I should complete it today. In my view its not worth the KShs 1000/=. Next time Sunny Bindra recommends a book, I will ignore his recommendation.
I am in Mombasa and because I missed the 27K yesterday, I have a non-written compensation plan.
I started today with a 14K in the morning. I was up at 5:35 to give myself adequate time for stretching but I was shocked that when I stepped out, it was already daylight. Today I will move the clock 10 minutes back.
I was not that strong, thanks to skipping dinner. But I met my goals. Tomorrow I will attempt a repeat. My garmin was not set so I lost valuable time setting it on the road.
If I do 14K, I should be able to do an easy one on Wednesday then speed runs on Thursday and then I cap it with another easy one on Friday. A crazy weekend awaits so it is likely I will miss my 27K again.
I dont know my timings because I formatted my laptop and didnt carry my garmin software CD.
I have started watching Bleach. Its the rage. If you dont know about it, its your loss brother.



Abraham said...

Examples of the author's ignorance?

Jacob Aliet said...

He says he never takes two days off in a row. That it can take away his sharpness - this is false. In terms of cardiovascular fitness (aerobic) one can have the same level of fitness for up to four weeks without exercise. In terms of speed, yes, there may be small variations but two days off is nothing. Ultramarathoners regularly take a whole week off when tapering for a major race. Plus, marathon training programs often encourage taking about a week off without running, or with little running every 5 to 7 weeks. He loves running, but its like he never got interested in understanding it; just understanding how it affects him.

Abraham said...

Ah. Ok.