Tuesday, July 20, 2010

39 mins

It turned out to be 39 mins because I did a negative split. I started easy, careful to improve my time of the first 1.2Kms. I am careful to start speeding up after 500metres, hoping my body is warmed up. Today I hardly met many runners: about four and they were going in opposite directions so nobody "pushed" or "pulled" me. Yesterday, some kid pulled me and some guy pushed me when I was finishing.
Today I decided to let it rip and I attacked the hill. I pushed and managed to do better than yesterday - by myself!
So on returning, I incorporated fartleks and even started accelerating on the downhills! And I ended up negative splitting the run! I then stretched thoroughly, did heel-toe walks and lunges. Then did leg extensions, pushups and crunches.

No plateau for me man. Too much room for improvement. Here is Odean Skeen. The mean face makes him worthy of some attention.

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