Thursday, July 22, 2010

39 Minutes - Improvemento!

I was up kinda late. Oh by the way, I woke up to Blackbox instrumental Box. It was 5:45am by my watch so when I was leaving at about 5:55, it was almost daylight. That guaranteed me two things:
a) I would not get an injury - from stepping on a stone or a hole
b) I would be late for work.
My legs were still feeling stiff and I didn't know how the run would turn up. All I knew is that I needed to push myself. I got some lanky fellow ho pulled me uphill. I pushed and was faster and even covered a loner distance today. Then I negative splitted with some interval runs. Hence 39 minutes. I am normally exhausted and just want to cruise after 7Kms but today I pushed. That, my dear friends, is an improvement.
Meanwhile, Ndakaini Marathon is on September 18th. What that means is that I have to start getting more serious and cutting serious weight.
And oh, by the way, I got a Gem. A thorough Gem. And it is Irving Chernev's book,  Logical chess Move by Move. Now I shall surely kick Kip's ass. I am just through two games and I have beaten a certain "Marie" who is rated 1658 and who gave me problems the whole week.


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