Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Miguu Imekataaa!

Today was kinda funny. First of all I think I had just about had enough sleep and my eyes slid open and took in my surrounding as I gathered my bearings.
I noticed there was some light coming from outside. Was that daylight? It looks like it. Someone slammed a car door outside. come the alarm didn't go off? Didn't I set it properly? I bloody hell did. My legs feel stiff anyway, let me rest today. I thought. Or do I go out now and run a little? Noo. Since its already daylight, it maybe too late to go for a run. What time is it? The watch is too far away. What about the wallclock? I craned my neck and squinted in the dark.Its too dark I can't see. What the hell. Let me rest today...Okay but when do I know when to wake up? Uh...When there is more daylight.
So I snuggled up closer to my sweetheart and allowed my eyes to close...
Then the alarm went off. Its sound shattered the darkness. My abs crunched and my torso was off the bed. Today I was gonna have to run after all. I threw the covers aside and scrambled towards it on the dressing table.

It was 5:45am.

Then I realized I have no legs. Where have they gone? I realized they must have gone to hell. I went to the toilet but nothing splashworthy came out. I stretched, wore my tights, tshirt, sweatshirt, trucks, socks, Timer, shoes and gloves then stretched. My legs were still dead and stiff.

So I set out. Easily at first to give them time to warm up.  After 1.2Kms I attacked a hill. My legs were still dead. So I made it a slow run and did some intervals in between. I even met Gacho, a colleague. I need to look for a warm truck to keep these legs warm. And stretch more.

As Sikuku would put it, miguu imekataa kabisa!

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