Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am back. Ankle Healed.

Yesterday I took the day off after limping on Wednesday. I knew by the end of yesterday that I would be able to run today. And so I did. Its about 91.56% good, which is equivalent to 100% good. I started busy and fought through each Kilometer. I want to focus on getting faster and stronger now that I have a fairly decent base. Its time to start fighting.
I want to fight and break my barriers. First I have to get back to where I was then seek to surpass that.
Today, I met many runners, about 8 of them. Serious runners.
On my way back, at about the 4.5 Km mark, I noticed someone in black shuffling in the middle of the road. I was on the left. I later noticed he was running since I had not passed him. I sought a level running ground and when I found one and glanced at him, he was ahead of me. I crossed the road and joined him at the trail. I sized him up.
He wore something that looked like an oversized black sweater that went down to his knees. He had some black pants. He wore shoes that looked a shark had chewed on and spat out and he picked them lying on a beach.Was this a homeless madman running at 6am?
Sniff. Sniff.
He didnt stink so bad but there was some smell I couldnt place. A homeless guy ought to smell worse. I figured. He kicked a stone and stumbled forward but regained his footing and ambled on.
Whatever the case, he wasnt dressed the part and he had no business running in front of me. So instead of running myself out just to prove I am better than him, I increased my stride and bounced forward easily like a gazelle. I glided past him. He hung back there. I could hear his labored breathing over my shoulder.
I increased my stride and widened the gap. He hung on, breathing heavily. He hung on for about 400 metres and we were now battling uphill. I was beginning to strain. I wasn't gonna kill myself to beat some faceless stranger.
I let him pass. He was too good. I struggled uphill and watched him widen the gap. This wasnt a homeless mad man after all. Probably some high school or university Kid who cant get decent running gear. Or who simply has no clue. I did fartleks for the remaining Kilometres.
I need to lose 3Kilos.

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