Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I was in naks this morning and since I had missed my runs for the last two days, today was a must. I left the hotel room @6am. It was still dark. I wanted to go really fast so I looked for a 1Km stretch as I jogged. And I finally did find one. It was a place with a slope and that slope gave me the first hill workout this year. It had a dirt section of about 800m. Rocky but okay. I had to dig deep to complete the workout because the hill did a number on me. And this is what I returned.
4:34, 4:40, 4:08, 4:46, 4:01, 4:45, 4:02, 4:49, 4:21, 4:54
After the run, I decided to jog back to the hotel. 4K later, I decided I was not gonna find it and so I got a boda boda guy to take me. It was a hard workout. Just what I was craving.
My weight is not good but I have been steadily improving for the past six weeks. I hope I get to nail that sucker somehow. Anyways, hillwork and weight will come in when I start plateauing.


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