Monday, April 15, 2013

Sub 2:40 32K attempt goes Awry

I didnt take dinner the previous night - I had a late lunch. I woke up feeling fast and light. The weather is wet and cold so I decided I was gonna hammer the 32K without hydrating midstream. No water bottle for me. Thank you very much.
I did the first 13K in 1:01 and I was going well until stomach cramps assailed me just past 15.7K. I crossed 16K walking at 1:16 and by then, the run was over. I walked back home for the remaining 16K to ensure my legs cover the distance in whatever fashion.
But hold on.
It was my fault.
You see, last weekend, after taking many a piece of red velvet cake, I decided to show a bunch of unfit fellas clutching glasses of juice how to use a roller.
And I may have gotten overzealous as I went about it.
And hence the stomach cramps. I dont understand it but what I know is that I started getting cramps when I started using rollers and I stopped getting cramps when I stopped using rollers so I decided to stop using rollers. In any case, I walk around in a six pack without any problem. But my lower abs are weak I believe.
So, the moral of the story is, never teach anyone above the age of eight how to use a roller because if and when they decide to use it, they wont need you to show them how to use it.
Unless you are an entertainer.
But the 16K was solid. Lets see how this week goes. There is a niggling shin splint thats bothering me but I may just give this 2:40 another stab this weekend.


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