Friday, April 26, 2013

Change in Training Plan

The weather is finally getting back to normal. And man, people are running!
My groin pain is giving me hell. But it has given me hell for four weeks now so maybe it will clear up with time.
Yesterday I wanted to do a one hour run but after 6K, I got a stitch which cleared at 7K, then I struggled  and I got my rhythm back at 9k.
I did 14K in 1:07 and made a decision:
I will be doing 14K every Thursday until I can do it in one hour. Hopefully, that can happen within May. Then I start 15K....
I am going back to 32K on Sunday. Run smart, not hard. Back to ground zero and back to basic principles.
I have decided that my lower abs are weak and I am working on them now and my groin muscles. I have totally ignored my upper body. I will see what best exercise to give it.
Now excuse me while I go grab some painkillers.
Inspiring Rob Watson videos:
Keep running guys.

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