Sunday, April 28, 2013

32K in 2:46:43 - Avg Pace 5:12/Km

If ever there was a day I was supposed NOT to run, it was today. I had slept for only three hours after being in some bash till 3am. But that was nothing. I had set my alarm to go off at 5:35am. And at exactly 5:35am, it started raining. Can you believe that?
I went to the toilet and listened to the rain and felt my rising frustration. Which devil told me to start this running business? I asked myself. The rain had the whole of yesterday and the whole of the night to rain. Why pick now? Why? I asked the wall. The wall stared back without answering. Is this a message from God to me? Do I shelve this idea of running today? I got annoyed. Can I afford five weeks without 32k because of some pansy ass pitty patter of rain? Nope.
I decided to go run, even if I just swoosh and swaash in the mud. Ok. Fine then. How do I dress? Do I go with the garmin? Do I wear a jacket? I hate wearing jackets when running. So I dressed up, carried some cash and a paperbag and 300ml of water and walked into the wet dawn. Well, it turns out it was just a drizzle. I decided to run with my head and not my heart so I was to hold myself in check till 9k then start pushing. The first 2k were difficult coz I couldn't get my breathing right. My legs lacked speed but lets roll. I rolled fine and at 6k (wilson) I found it hadn't rained and almost went crazy and surged in excitement. I was alright but slowed myself down at about 15K not wanting to risk cramps. After that I dropped slightly then between 18 and 20K I was really slow. I just didn't have it. But after 21K, I was back and I did well until 25K. Aaaaanyways, I have slowed down a little but I am stronger and my endurance is intact. I was faster over the last 10k compared to five weeks ago.

I ran the last 32K 28 days ago in 2:47:36 at an avg pace 5:14min/Km and Sunday I ran it at 2:46:43 at an Avg Pace 5:12/Km. That is an almost one minute improvement in time and 2 seconds improvement in average pace. Let us look at my performance at Kilometers 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30th Km. In my run in March, I returned 6:24, 6:25,6:45, 7:54, 7:05 - that was a 34:23 5K! on 1st April I returned 5:52.3, 6:04.9, 5:54.1, 6:47.7, 6:20.4 which is a 30:57 5K. On Sunday April 28th I returned 5:41.7, 5:35.4, 5:29.2, 6:23.1, 5:54.5 which is a 29:02 5K. That is an almost two minutes improvement and that was the saving grace yesterday.
Here are the splits.

Split    Time   
1    5:20.3    
2    4:58.5    
3    4:44.6    
4    4:32.5    
5    4:48.9    
6    4:43.3    
7    4:38.2    
8    4:49.5    
9    4:49.4    
10    4:53.7    
11    4:56.7    
12    4:56.7    
13    4:53.7    
14    5:05.9    
15    5:10.6    
16    5:28.7    
17    5:06.3    
18    5:26.9    
19    5:24.8    
20    5:28.5    
21    5:22.3    
22    5:22.9    
23    5:18.8    
24    5:10.6    
25    5:21.7    
26    5:41.7    
27    5:35.4    
28    5:29.2    
29    6:23.1    
30    5:54.5    
31    5:52.9    
32    4:52.5    

I will take it. This is round two of training. Gotta achieve 27k in 2 hours by June.
My focus now is on hills and speed and to run harder next time because now I am feeling no pains after yesterdays run. It means I did not push myself very hard. I gotta do that next time. Carefully.
My groin pain is improving. I am stretching them groin muscles and exercising my lower abs.


mista maQ said...

I am very humbled - that you did 32kms after a measly 3hrs of sleep?!!! I am very afraid of you. That's a THOR spirit man, once u have the speed then u will be absolutely day raw!

Running Writer said...

Thanks. Yes, I am also thinking I should give it a proper stab after 7 hours of sleep. I suspect I lacked speed and faded too early because of inadequate sleep (poor concentration/focus). Lets wait and see. But I also knew if I dont do the run on Sunday I have to wait for six days. So it was run or run.