Wednesday, April 10, 2013

13K In 58:25

I was determined to do a sub 60mins 13K. I needed the determination because the weather has been so, um, rainy of late. I even had to run with my phone wrapped in polythene paper in anticipation of the rain. In fact the last two Kms, I ran clutching my garmin to keep it from the rain (noo, I don't want to test its waterproofiness claim).
So anyways, the first 100m, I realized I was cruising at 18.5Kms/Hr and had to consciously slow down.
It turned out it was not that hard to do a sub 60 mins 13k. I even kicked in the last Km. I attribute all this to the hills I did on Sunday and last week. More hillwork definitely lies ahead. Its the way to go.
I was targeting 4:40mins/Km but ended up averaging 4:29mins/Km. I now need to average about 4:15mins/Km to pull a 14K in sub 60mins.
That would actually yield a 59:30.
But first, I need to do 13K in 55mins. So thats what I am targeting in the next four weeks.
Here are the splits for yesterday:
Lap Time
1    4:17.2    
2    4:26.8    
3    4:28.5    
4    4:33.6    
5    4:33.7    
6    4:27.0    
7    4:24.5    
8    4:36.1    
9    4:33.1    
10    4:32.7    
11    4:38.3    
12    4:37.1    
13    4:17.0    
Total Time: 58:25

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