Monday, April 8, 2013

Rubbish Weather - Tarmac Pains!

Yeah, so its pouring every freakin day and mud and pools of water and slippery running surfaces are the order of the day. And you are thinking WTF?
Dont give up.
Its times like these that I seek a field to run on. If the field is muddy, I seek a grassy field and run on it.
I last did that in 2008 though. Or I flirt with the tarmac like I have been doing and I have them crush my legs. I just wrap them up in bandages and walk for a day or two and they are back.
My glutes are painful and so are my shins. Because of the hills yesterday. I am glad they are painful because it shows I was able to reach some unutilized muscles - or the tarmac shatered the shins.
Keep running fellas. Read the message above.

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