Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clock Cleaned

I did 300m X 10 then followed it up with 1000m X 5. I fizzled out in the sixth attempt at 1000m and was convinced I was just too weak but on looking back, It was a hard workout.
After the workout, pangs of hunger assailing me, I bought roasted roadside maize. Which I obliterated in seconds and threw away the cob. Then I dashed to the supermarket and grabbed strawberry yogurt. Then I drank some liters of water and chased them down with rice and beans which I had three cups of tea sprinting after. I was feeling even more famished! Before you could say 13.1 miles, I drank two cups of water. The hole that I had become felt even more empty. For the first time in over two years, I asked for the juice ya maji. I quickly prepared three glasses and downed them in quick succession. Only then did I feel like a somebody. Wa! Even 32k never empties me like this! Eh!
Keep running Ooh!

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