Thursday, April 11, 2013

270m x 10

It had rained in the afternoon and so many people were discouraged by the weather. I went to the pitch and found the upper part of the track dry. I wanted to do speed runs so I jogged round the track to see whether I could complete one dry circuit round it.
The dry part was alright. Murram is good!
Then I reached the lower part. Swimming-freakin'-pool!

So much for good murram tracks.

But being a runner makes you learn how to make lemonade out of lemon. I got a piece of stone and tried to draw a line. The murram was too hard.

So I quickly looked for a stick and stuck it just outside the track.

Then I jogged to the other end and got another stick and stuck it in the ground just outside the track.
I had just made my repeat distance! It turned out to be 270m.

My groin was painful and I started slowly (1:28) but ended with 54s repetitions.

The great thing is that the groin pain has reduced and I managed to hit the 2:46min/Km paces that I have not hit for quite a while - about seven months.

And I have the beautiful aches to confirm that I shook something up: pains in my pecs, lower abs, hamstrings and shins. And another thing; speed runs are one of the cures for weak shins.

Now I rest, let my shoes dry and recover for Sundays 32K.

Keep running fellas!

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