Monday, April 29, 2013

Mental Orientation

I think I will have another go at the 32K this weekend, now that I finished the Sunday run fresh like someone from a beauty saloon and no soreness. And I am not going to hit a plateau at this stage of training.
I am aiming at sub 2:40.
General strategy is to gradually start picking up from the 13th Km.
Key points of concentration and effort:
The hilly 1st Kilometer (knee the air), Kilometer 16 then 18 to 28th Km. Focus, speed.
Then 28th K to 30th K, knee the air till the top of the hill (i.e. use quads) and divide the hill to three segments.
Need to do:
14-15K tempo today.
14 x 1000m on Thursday.
Do more jump squats, more lower abs exercises, ITBL stretches, heel-toe walks and the waist rotation. Pilates.
Rest. Get a 6 hour sleep on Saturday night.
Hammer it. Fight every kilometer. Stay in the pocket.
No need to clench teeth. Just let the lower jaw drop slightly and breathe through the mouth. Be one with the run. Pour everything into it and see what happens.
The mental focus begins now.

Cheers guys.


mista maQ said...

There is a holiday tomorrow - why wait till Sunday - u are really getting ready for this - u can do bad all by yourself!

Running Writer said...

Nope. Let me go into it fresh and with a spring in my legs. It is a little too soon from the weekend run. I also want to confirm my speed so that I approach the run knowing where I lie right now. I did 13K in 58:26 mins in April 10th. I need to know whether I still have that or whether its gone.