Sunday, September 28, 2008

10K PR 49:13

I attempted to do a 10K in 47-48 minutes but only managed to do it in 49.13. This now stands as my personal record (PR). It is at least 2 minutes short of the speed I need to achieve my sub 100mins goal.
I ran some 20K yesterday with friends. I have no injuries meaning I can push myself harder this week. I aim to lose at least 1.5Kgs this week. The gains of yesterday's running may show up on the weighing scale tomorrow (It always takes two days or so, I wonder why?).
I am confident that if I can shed off the remaining 4Kgs, I will be closer to my target. Note that I managed to slash off 3 minutes from the 10K time I did last week, which was 52.10 mins. I am optimistic and hoping that I can clip 3 minutes from my PR in 3 weeks when I will attempt to do 15K in 1hr 10mins on 12th October.
Cheers. This week its a sustained and renewed campaign against adipose tissue and a resurgent quest for speed and stamina.

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