Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 1 Week 5

Today I succeeded in completing Day 1 week 5 of the 100 pushups challenge. I knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park so I was prepared for it psychologically. To give myself some insulin spike, I took some bread and mango juice. The first 40 were not dramatic. At least they were easier than yesterday. I then did 25 and struggled to 32. The next set required that I do 30. I couldn't go beyond 25. But since the next set was 25, I decided to do 30 instead of 25 and substitute the sets. So 30 it was, muscles spasming and threatening to rip. The last set was 40. I did the first 25 and struggled to 40. It was tough and for the first time, the pressure was on my lower back because I had to hold my body aloft in the pushup position as I took the pauses. It was as if I was doing the pushups for the first time. I guess I had made it easy the first time round by taking long, 5 mins break in-between.
So anyways, I did 40+32+30+25+40 = 167 pushups.
I am going for a 10K on the track shortly.


BM said...

Great job on finishing up W5D1, I have been trying to overcome W5D1 for the last few weeks... this is one tough workout

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks BM. My lower back is still aching and my pecs are also slightly sore. I do day two tomorrow. I can see you are making good progress. Keep it up!