Sunday, September 28, 2008

3Kgs to go. Strength Training

So, predictably, the results of my weekend run showed up on the scale today morning as I expected. One kilo gone. Three to go. What is likely to happen in the next 5 days is that I will keep vacillating between 82Kgs and 82.5Kgs then next week, after my long run, it will drop to 81Kgs. Then between 81 and 81.5 for 5-7 days then a long run, then 80Kgs. etc etc.
At any rate, this morning I did frog jumps, heel/toe walks, squats, 43 push ups and several crunches.
Tomorrow, I will go for a 10K on the road. I am upping my distance (doing 10K instead of 7 or 8K) and will do so for the next three weeks then taper off. Meanwhile, the adipose tissue population resident in my body have to decide who in the tribe has to go next. Because, like I said, its a sustained and resurgent campaign I have launched from my neurones.
Disclaimer: Going for long runs and exercising a lot alone will not lead to weight loss. Exercise must be combined with an effective diet regimen to result in weight loss.

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