Monday, September 15, 2008

Did 8K Tempo Runs

I did 7K in 33mins and warmed up and down for 1K taking 45mins in total. I met about 6 runners. I guess stanchart has got guys getting up early to hit the tarmac. This is the final leg of this years quest. Am getting stronger, lighter and faster. Will be trying my sub 20mins 5K in a couple of weeks. Another tempo run on Thursday then a long run on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hi, have you checked out the modified Stanchat marathon route. It has very many turns since a good portion will be run in city centre. Watch out, those turns can seriously slow one down and cause a strain on one's hip flexors.

Aaron said...

7k in 33 minutes is pretty good going!

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Aaron. I am going for a 10K on the track today. Hopefully, I will set a PR for 5K and 10K since the exact distance is known while on the track.

GK, I registered today and have bib no 442. I love the new route though I loved the old one better. Slow guys like me may not have lots of trouble making the turns. Cheers.