Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New 5K and 10K PR: 22:20 and 46.23.55

I was up at 4.45, weighed myself and took a banana and water (I have junked the mango juice and a slice of bread routine). As I stretched, I gathered from CNN's AC360 that McBush is blaming Obama for the rejection of his bailout plan of wall street even though even Republicans equally rejected the proposal. David Gergen and the motley crew of CNN political analysts were on standby to weigh in on the issue but I had to hit the road. Too bad I missed that.

Anyways, we have a new guard and he sat back as I opened the gate - the former guard always made a point to open the gate for me himself. I ran slowly between the cars and buildings as a warm up then reached the main highway and pressed my timer then took off. I met two runners in the first 1K and cleared the first hilly 1K in 5:14 mins. Then I picked up the pace and passed this lady I always pass at the one and a half Km Mark. Then 400m ahead, I heard footfalls behind me. Somebody was intent on getting past me. I tried to hang on for a while and the footfalls remained persistent. I wanted to know who it was so I hung back and let it happen. He or she caught up with me and passed me. It was a tall fella. I couldn't tell his/her gender. He was a little wide in the hips but couldn't tell whether it was wide hips or a puffed up truck. I almost fell in some hole some idiots dug recently in some dark patch of the road. But I ran on after that tall figure, blanked everything from my mind except the pursuit of this sexless figure.

Anyways, I stuck ten meters behind the tall figure and he/she never managed to widen that gap. I was waiting for he/she to slow down but he/she turned at the 4K mark and ran back. I ran on, undecided of what to make of the tall figure's performance.

By the time I hit 5K, my clock showed 22:20. Un-be-fucking-livable. But I was beat so I told myself that even though my 5K was respectable, my 10K time would be atrocious and I said I wouldn't post it on the blog today since it would be something past 50mins. Anyways, I turned back and tried to maintain a respectable pace. I was doing some thinking in the meantime. And I was thinking, Oh well, I have cut weight but that does not mean my body; lungs, muscles and heart are ready to travel at that high speed and process the lactic acid efficiently. I met the lady I had passed earlier again and she had a short guy running next to her. He saw me pass her and started running shoulder to shoulder with me. I spent the next 2Ks trying to shake him off. He burnt out after 2.5Ks but he ran a good race and I wanted to congratulate him but that was a luxury I couldn't enjoy. So I ran on, with 1K to go, I looked at my watch and noticed it was around 40mins. I got excited and sped up! I could better my PR! I climbed the hill and sprinted down to the end of the 10K. The time was 46.23.55 This is my new 10K PR. Like I said, unbefuckin-livable. I am still incredulous and I have to repeat it to be sure. Now I can aim for 45mins over 10K and for 1hr10mins for 15K and I will be home!
Very exciting shit I tell you.
I am sure its the tall sexless figure and the short guy who pushed me and I am grateful to them. At least now I know 45mins 10K is within reach and consequently a 1hr 10mins 15K and of course my goal for the half marathon.

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