Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Final Push - 7 practice runs remaining

When I started running this year, with two half-marathons under my belt, I thought I knew what I needed to do to run a sub 100min half marathon. I was so naïve. And for the most part, I was wrong but I got several things right.

Things I got right:
I needed to run at least three times a week.
I needed to get my legs accustomed to the tarmac (half right).
I needed to run past 21Ks in my long runs.
I needed to run faster.
I can still achieve my sub 1hr 40min half marathon

Things I got wrong:
I needed to lose 6Kgs. This was wrong. It turns out I needed to lose 11Kgs. 8Kgs gone so far. The 6Kgs was just a cop-out on my part: I had sold myself the myth that I can't get below 82Kgs. Manure.
I needed to run a sub 20mins 5K. This was wrong also. Whereas a sub 20mins 5K is good, 21.30mins 5K is adequate. And more importantly, a 45mins 10K or below. The sub 1:40 half marathon thread has been invaluable in this respect.
That if I ran on tarmac, my legs would get accustomed to them. This was wrong: I needed to recognize that the reason I kept getting injured (splintered shins and general shin pains) was because my compartment muscles were weak. I have been working on my compartment muscles and I am on my way to injury-free running.
I needed more time than 11 weeks of focused training.
That I can run evenly. I can't. That is why I need that 70mins 15K so that I have 30mins to clear the remaining 6k.

I have two weeks of practice remaining and 5-6 days of rest. Below is my updated program plus my schedule for the two weeks. I have the following “events”
* 4 hard 10Ks – seeking a 45mins 10K
* 1 Hard 15K – aim is to clear it in 1hr 10mins or below.
* 2 long runs.
Plenty of Rest Yipeeee!!!!

I would like to make the long runs of average intensity. Not too hard and not too slow.
Lets Go!

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