Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did 10K - Mick Gives Me advice

I woke up feeling quite energetic even though there wasn't much energy in me (as I later realized). So I decided to do a 10K instead of an easy 5K run. I met several runners and covered the first 5K in about 22:15 and 10K in 46mins.
I had a pain and still have it in my inner left calf muscle. I bore it for 5Kms but hope it will clear up in the next 36hours, which is my rest period before another 20K.
My weight seems to be stuck at 80Kgs! Aargh!
Only two more practice runs remaining. Somebody shoot me.
Mick Advises me as follows:
You have two weeks to go before the 26th and I personally do like that depth of a taper. We are all different and if you feel you need to back off that much then go ahead. I would recommend that this week be a normal training week including at least one speed session. Next week ease off on the distance and speed work a bit, maybe throw in a session with some strides and dynamic stretches rather than intervals or tempo. I usually take the day off before the race, maybe give the dogs a longer walk than usual. It is a half not a full so I would do a long run the weekend before but not over distance unless that is what you normally do, 20k would be about right but easy.
As to your time, the first consideration has to be the weather. If it is hot then all bets are off unless your times were set in similar temperatures. Next the course itself, an undulating course with lots of ups and downs is very taxing especially if you take it out fast or close to your target pace.
Looking at your times and based on my own experience you are certainly in the zone. the 15k is particularly encouraging but in the half it is all won and lost in the last 5k. You have enough speed based on your 5k time so it is down to your endurance, do you have enough miles in the legs.
As it is not a slam dunk for you caution would be best. A sub 1:40 requires an average of 4:44 per km so I would go out conservatively at a 4:50 pace. It will feel slow but stick with it for at least 7 or 8k and then gentley drop a few secs per km until you are running around 4:42 and hold it but take a couple of km to get down to that pace, absolutely no surging and back off on the hills if any.
The pain will start at around 17k if you have gone out too hard, do not back off, you will slow anyway just try and hold it the best you can.
It is yours to do, you have the speed, just race smart not like a hero.
all the best

Thanks Mick, its a flat course. Lets hope the weather behaves.

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