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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Just Realized that I like Alexander Mahone. A Helluva Lot

I am a Prison Break fan. That has always meant I love the storyline and the actors and the punchlines and action sequences. I have been fascinated by Michael Schofield's, quiet, deep character with his shadowy green eyes. I was moved by his emotional connection with people and especially with his brother Link. I liked scenes where, after Michael has gone through a difficult moment, or after Michael has done something full of self-sacrifice for his brother, and Link wants to thank Michael or console him, and Link looks at him with grave eyes and starts "Michael..." and Michael says "I know."
I found that to be too deep and moving.

Michael Schofield

Then there was TBag and his brilliance and excellent linguistic skills marred by his murderous padeophilic character. Mane people still liked him despite his ill side because he was emotional, he was a coward who could do brave things like kill the sodomizer in the prison cell etc. I loved the head prison warden of Fox River, the most decent man I have seen on film.

I also like Sucre and his puppy love for Mario Cruz who he could do anything for. I mean anything. And Bellick who was selfish, short sighted but still witty.
But at season 4, one character has emerged head and shoulders over all the rest and that is Alexander Mahone (William Fitchner).
Alex has always been there from Season One but his acting has steadily won many, in fact, he is overshadowing the main character, Michael Schofield.
I like Alex because he is weak. He is weak because he is addicted to drugs. Because he is weak, we can connect with him because he reflects human frailty. He also loves his ex-wife to death and she is the reason he is still willing to live. He is also very strong because he has a steely determination and a will of iron. Once he sets out to do something, he does it, if it kills him. He is also loyal to those loyal to him. Those who screw him over have to be ready to deal with the consequences. He also beats the rest of the PB crew because his emotions come through. One william Fitchner fan writes:

"This episode, albeit an enjoyable one, served to showcase one of the more blaring downfalls of this series — the mediocre acting. The only one who manages to put on a superior acting exercise every time he’s in front of the camera is William Fichtner, who plays Alex Mahone. Fichtner doesn’t just embody his character when he has lines that need to be delivered, but he becomes this character even when he’s in the background contemplating or listening to the other characters engage. That is a true mark of a thespian of high caliber. Fichtner also has the ability to emote and show expressively what his character is feeling with the right amount of nuance and color. Sadly, having Fichtner in scenes with the other actors, notably Wentworth Miller, only makes it glaringly obvious that Miller doesn’t really have the talent to stand up to Fichtner’s remarkable acting prowess in their scenes together."

I think I agree. I like the character Alex Mahone. But the directors will probably kill him to ensure Michael remains the lead character.


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