Thursday, October 2, 2008

Carrier Vexed at the Quality of NT Scholarship

My friend, role model and idol, Richard Carrier, is working on a project titled On the Historicity of Jesus Christ which is funded by his fans all over the web.
Carrier's clarity of thought, mental courage, articulation and thoroughness has drawn admiration and respect from all people familiar with his work.
Anyways, in his blog, he narrates about the Ignatian vexation which basically is a tip of the iceberg of the morass that is New Testament scholarship. Carrier indicates that the manner in which New Testament scholars have dated the gospel of Matthew is not scholarly or honest and the evidence of dating and provenance is so murky that he is frustrated.
It is a partial expose of the sham that is New Testament scholarship. My review of E.P Sanders The Historical Figure of Jesus also indicates the depth to which New Testament scholarship has sunk in a bid to defend the indefensible and hold up beliefs that have no leg to stand on.
At any rate, I am, like hundreds of thousands of others, waiting for Carrier to complete this project.

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