Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Did 10K Set PR: 44:13 A negative split!

Today I ran in a pair of shorts for the first time. I did this for two reasons: I wanted to test how it would feel like to run in shorts and it was muddy so I didn't want to give myself a bigger task of washing a muddy track. Shorts allow one to have a wider range of motion I think but I didn't feel any palpable lightness. I think I may run in tracks during the marathon.
So anyways, it had rained heavily yesterday but I decided my last run had to be today since I couldn't tell whether I would get an injury in the process (better to have 3days to recover than have 2 days to recover) plus I wanted to set a last 10K PB. I was strong. My legs didn't feel 100 percent because of the battering from the 27K but the first 5K were okay. I met much fewer runners today: around 7. Is everyone tapering?
Whats great is that I was strong at the 5K mark and I felt as if I had found my pace! so I ran the last 5K quite fast, attempting a negative split. I succeeded and set a 10K PR. I did the 5K in 22:10 and the 10K in 44:13. Meaning I ran the second 5K in 22:03 This is exciting news. This means next year, I should be aiming at doing long runs of 30K and above if I am to do a sub 1:30 half marathon. It means only mileage can give one the power of doing a negative split.
I don't have injuries so all I gotta do now is eat and rest. And oh, btw, I am 79.9Kgs. I have entered the seventies! Wooooo Haaaaaa!

Lets do it!


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