Thursday, October 2, 2008

10K - feeling Banged Up - 3 days break

I did a 10K today with a 22:30 5K and a 46.30 10K. I was wearing heavy shoes (added insoles) which ended up giving me a blister. I met close to ten runners. Today, at my 9K mark, I met two speedsters who kicked my ass a coupla weeks ago when I was doing a recovery run. Today, I passed them at the foot of an incline. They hung back and started chasing me up the hill. I sped away and sprinted down from the top. At the foot of it, it was my 46.30 and I pressed my stop-watch and slowed down for a warm down. Then I felt them closing in on me. My competitive spirit kicked in and I said the hell with warm downs and I sped off. They couldn't catch up even though I could see they were intent on showing me they were the men. That was their comeuppance. At any rate, I did an easy last 5K but my legs feel banged up, like a train ran over them then someone went hammer and tongs at them.
I am taking a 3 days break from exercise during which I can attend to personal business while I give my legs a break after which I will be back for two intensive weeks and another 5 days rest to the marathon. I have around one and a half Kilograms left to shed off, which I will in the next two weeks.

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