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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Program Complete. I am no longer Overweight!

I started my 11 week Training program in August when I was 92Kgs and running 5K in 27 minutes and couldn't run more than 23Kms without incurring a serious injury. Now I weigh 79 and can run 5K in 21 minutes and can comfortably run 30Kms.
I started with weak shins (compartment muscles) and with the 100 pushups challenge which I later abandoned to concentrate on running.
Now I have strong legs and have set my sights on greater running ambitions. I will be shooting for sub 1:30 half marathon next year and will be going for sub 3hrs debut full marathon in 2010.

Below is my weight loss graph. Yesterday I had a bad stomach. Combined with the fast 10K I ran, its no surprise that I dropped 800grams.

I did my part and ran diligently and worked on my weaknesses. The program, even though developed by an amateur like myself, should pay me back with some decent half marathon timing in three days time.

Its all about resting and stretching now. I am not very big on carb-loading. I will just have a good supper on the eve of the marathon and have a carbohydrate-rich breakfast on DDay.

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