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Friday, October 10, 2008

I am Close...5K PR 20:21 and 15K 69:11

We went running on the track yesterday. There was 9 of us: Three ladies and six struggling odd men. Anyways, we started late; at 5:45. My pacesetter, Sikuku was up to the task but unbeknown to me, he didn't have lunch. So after a blistering 5K, which we cleared in 20:21, (my current PR) he faded and I had to clear the next 10K without someone to pace with. It went well though. A double stitch hit me at the 10Km mark, which I crossed at a sluggish 46mins but I struggled on and picked up at the 12th K mark and finished the 15Kays in 69:11mins. I was happy. I was satisfied and proud because my goal was anything sub 70mins.
No injuries so I should be doing the 25K on Sunday.
I checked McMillan's calculator with my 15K time and it says I should be able to clear 20K in 1:34. I think my running yesterday was erratic and I could have got a better time with more consistency.

Here is my schedule. A few more runs left to the marathon.


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